If you enjoy gaming, you may be interested in learning how to make money on Twitch. This article from Life Gadgets Online will teach you about the different ways to make money streaming. Remember to stay until the end to know how to build an audience on Twitch.

How To Make Money On Twitch?
How To Make Money On Twitch?

1. What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that offers nearly anything you could want to watch, including music, cooking, Q&A sessions, and — the most popular driver of traffic — video games.

Twitch is a video streaming service that allows eSports and gaming fans to watch their favorite players play a variety of online video games.

There were approximately 41.5 million Twitch users in the United States in 2020, with this figure expected to rise to 51.6 million by 2024.

2. When Does Twitch Pay You?

If your account balance is over $100 after figuring out how to make money on Twitch, this platform will pay you every 15 days.

3. Types Of Twitch Users

The type of user heavily influences your ability to make money on Twitch. Twitch users can be classified as follows:

  • Everyday Twitch users.
  • Twitch Affiliates.
  • Twitch Partners.
Types Of Twitch Users
Types Of Twitch Users

4. How To Make Money On Twitch

Before thinking about making money on Twitch, you need to improve your streaming skills and build up a following. There are three income sources for your reference:

  • Income sources available to everybody.
  • Income sources available to Twitch Partners Only.
  • Income sources available to Twitch Affiliate and Partners Only.

4.1. Income Sources Available To Everybody

If you’re serious about making money on Twitch, you should work towards reaching the point where Twitch will offer you the opportunity to become a Partner.

4.1.1. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a great way for brands to reach out to gamers online. If a brand believes they have a natural affinity with a streamer’s audience, sponsoring the streamer on Twitch and engaging in influencer marketing makes sense.

Twitch sponsorship can benefit any company that sells a product to “gamers.” This includes companies that sell computers, accessories, gaming consoles, phones, website hosting, food, drinks, takeaways, etc.

4.1.2. Donations

You can request donations from your Twitch followers in order to spend more time entertaining them.

Although Twitch offers mini donations called Bits, you must be an Affiliate or Partner to use them.

Donations may be easier to collect through a third-party website, such as Patreon. You would need to first create a profile on the Patreon website. Twitch would then link to your Patreon profile as well as your social media accounts.


4.1.3. Tournament Winnings

Entering and winning a tournament is one way to earn money while streaming on Twitch if you are a good player.

In reality, this option will be limited to professional gamers or people on pro teams because it will be too difficult for average gamers to beat them.

Smaller players may be able to participate in tournaments on ESL or with GameBattles by MLG and earn money – while also broadcasting their battles for their Twitch fans.

4.1.4. Affiliate Marketing

Sharing affiliate links is another great way to earn money on Twitch without becoming a Partner.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting offers online in exchange for a fee or commission on everything you assist in selling.

Amazon Associates is most likely the most common way for streamers to earn money through affiliate marketing. Play Asia and LootCrate are two other popular affiliate programs among Twitch streamers.

4.1.5. Merchandise

Consider selling your own merchandise through a third-party site like TeePublic or Spreadshop if you have a loyal following. Simply set up a shop, fill it with items of your own design or curated from other sources, and promote it on your Twitch channel.

4.1.6. YouTube

Uploading portions of streams, game compilations, or new content to a YouTube channel will provide you with another way to monetize your work. Videos on YouTube are easy to find and can go viral.

You can receive a significant number of views, helping you collect ad revenue. Viral videos can also direct people to your stream channel, where they can watch future content.

4.2. Income Sources Available To Twitch Partners Only

Twitch’s Partner program is aimed at the platform’s top streamers, genuine Twitch influencers.

Unlike the Affiliate program, Twitch Partnership is an invitation-only program. However, you can begin the process by requesting that they consider you.

On top of all of the other ways for Partners to make money on Twitch, there are a few more options.

4.2.1. Video Ads

Twitch Partners have the option of running advertisements on their streams. They can choose how often ads run, as long as there is at least an eight-minute gap between commercials and the length of the ads.

Twitch and its partners split advertising revenue. The more money Twitch receives from advertisers, the more money you will receive.

4.2.2. Selling Games, In-Game Items, and T-Shirts

Twitch Partners can sell games and items from their channel, and they may get a 5 percent share of the revenue.

Although the sales box appears on the pages of all relevant streamers, only Partners receive a portion of the proceeds.

4.3. Income Sources Available To Twitch Affiliates and Partners Only

As an affiliate, Twitch provides you with a few additional earning opportunities. If you manage to make the transition from Affiliate to Partner, here are some ways.

4.3.1. Twitch Subscriptions

Streamers can earn a recurring income from Twitch Subscriptions. You can persuade your subscribers to subscribe to your channel for $US4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month. Twitch and the streamer split the money collected 50/50.

4.3.2. Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits are essentially micro-donations from Twitch users. They either use Amazon Payments or PayPal to pay for them.

Bits are a type of virtual currency which gamers can use to “spend” on the websites of their choice. Twitch pays one cent per Bit used on their channels to their Affiliates and Partners.

5. How To Build An Audience On Twitch

If you want to learn how to make money on Twitch, it all comes down to this: Build a large audience. Here are four guidelines to follow.

5.1. Find Your Niche

You must be able to stand out from the crowd in order to attract attention. So, think about how you can find a niche for yourself.

5.2. Build a Following On Other Social Media Accounts

In comparison to many other social media platforms, Twitch provides very few options for promoting your streams. As a result, find other platforms to expand your audience.

You could, for example, grow your Instagram following or your YouTube audience. Then you can tell followers about your Twitch streams.

5.3. Engage Viewers

When a new viewer joins your stream, you have a good opportunity to convert them into devoted followers.

To attract viewers to tune in on a regular basis, ask them questions, respond to chat comments, crack jokes, and create highly entertaining content.

5.4. Network With Other Streamers

Networking with and supporting other ambitious and popular streamers is a great way to build an audience on Twitch.

If you make friends with other streamers, you can plug in each other’s channels and host each other. This will help with audience cross-pollination and attract new viewers.

Through this blog, you can know how to make money on Twitch. It is possible to make money from your streams with hard work and dedication over time. Let Life Gadgets Online help you find more making money tips on various social media platforms.

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