Besides watching live streaming or making friends, Bigo Live is also a place for streamers to earn money. This article will discuss how to make money on Bigo and how to maximize revenue for success. Follow Life Gadgets Online because we suggest many money-making tips for you on all online platforms.

How To Make Money On Bigo
How To Make Money On Bigo

1. What Is Bigo Live TV?

Bigo Live TV is a live streaming platform founded in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs, David Li and Jason Hu. This platform has been catering to the needs of young people seeking entertainment and fun.

Bigo Live TV has quickly become a social phenomenon as a pioneer in the live streaming industry, gaining recognition from millions of users.

2. How much does Bigo live pay?

Bigo hosts can earn between $150 and $100,000 from the Bigo live application.

The salary may vary depending on your content and the number of gift targets you have met in thirty days. The amount of time you spend broadcasting your content is also important.

3. How To Make Money On Bigo?

Bigo Live is a popular live streaming platform with over 400 million registered users. If you’re looking for ways to make money on Bigo, keep reading for the best strategies.

3.1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a critical channel for businesses, as anyone who has worked in marketing knows. Livestreamers will discuss how much they adore a specific product or service that a company offers.

If the followers or viewers use their specific Promo Code, they’ll get a certain discount. The streamer is compensated when viewers use the livestreamer’s unique Promo Code to make a purchase from that company.

3.2. Demonstrate Something Extraordinary

Demonstrating something extraordinary is a critical task for you to complete if you want to make millions quickly from Bigo Live.

To sell, you must create something unique and intriguing. People are tired of seeing the same content on all social media platforms, making it difficult to gain followers and fans with mundane content.

3.3. Encashing Virtual Gifts

You can also make money on this platform by encashing virtual gifts. If you’re a well-known streamer, your fans will send you virtual gifts. After that, you can stock up on gifts that can be turned into ‘beans.’

Then you can exchange these beans for real money, which is deposited into your account by the app. The current ‘bean’ exchange rate is 210 beans for one dollar in the United States.

3.4. Get Sponsors

On livestream platforms, this is a very popular way to make a profit. It requires a sizable following or at least a niche audience for a specific product or service.

You can approach brands and companies in that genre to see if they are interested in sponsoring you. This could include wearing some of their merch or promoting one of their products during a livestream or tutorial.

3.5. Give Video Game Walkthroughs

You had to look for a walkthrough if you were having trouble with a particular part of a video game.

Many people nowadays will livestream video game walkthroughs or simply show themselves playing video games with other people online.

Giving video game walkthroughs is another popular way to earn money on Bigo Live.

Give Video Game Walkthroughs
Give Video Game Walkthroughs

3.6. Help out your fellow broadcasters

Find other successful broadcasters you admire on social media and start following them. Engage in proactive participation in their broadcasts.

When you go live, some of them will return the favor by following you and reciprocating your affection.

3.7. Play Music for People

If you have musical talent, you can show it off to the world on Bigo Live and earn money in the process.

On your channel, you can sing or play instruments. People will give you gifts such as diamonds and beans as you gain more followers, which can eventually be converted into real money.

3.8. Promote Your Own Products

If you have your own products, it’s a good idea to promote your goods on Bigo Live TV.

Most people have difficulty marketing these products in traditional ways. Building a following by livestreaming on Bigo and then promoting your products for sale is one way to earn extra bucks.

3.9. Stream Your Life

This trend began on YouTube and then evolved into a live version on apps like Bigo. There are countless vloggers who have turned filming their lives and sharing them with their followers into a full-blown career.

In fact, in the twenty-first century, streaming your life has become a potential way for teenagers with an interesting life to make money.

3.10. Work as A Host/Recruiter

Bigo Live is a great place for you if you are an entertainer who enjoys interacting with people through your talent.

You can work as an official Host on Bigo Live. The host will do mobile live broadcasts, and after meeting the monthly target, the host will receive a commission.

The commission is calculated using variables such as followers, content, and time spent broadcasting.

3.11. Teach People Something You Know

Video tutorials are very popular on all online platforms, but particularly on live streaming platforms like Bigo.

If you have a unique skill that is in high demand, this is a fantastic way to earn money.

On Bigo, a number of people have started a livestream channel to teach others how to cook, apply makeup, or tattoo.

4. Tips to start on Bigo Live

4.1. Using a high-quality mobile phone

It is critical to ensure that you are using a high-quality phone device, as this will determine the quality of your videos.

When you create something of high quality, and the visual quality is excellent, it draws viewers’ attention to your films. They become followers and frequently return to your profile.

To take part in a live chat or stream, you’ll need a high-quality camera and a microphone.

Using a high-quality mobile phone
Using a high-quality mobile phone

4.2. Upload videos on a regular basis

If you want to gain more followers and improve the consistency of your work, you must post regularly, regardless of the type of content you provide.

If you are uploading videos that are relevant to any subject or topic, you should post one video every day. Those who broadcast or live stream should do so at least once per day, three times per week.

4.3. Concentrate on the audience rather than the gifts

Don’t be in a rush to open your gifts. Make eye contact with your audience. Respond to their concerns. Inquire further about their responses. People are more likely to want to help you and give you beans if you engage them.

4.4. Increasing your number of followers

You may have discovered that in order to make money, you need to have a large number of followers. Here are some tips for raising your following:

  • The content of your channel is of high quality.
  • Maintain your regular presence.
  • Post your videos/content regularly.
  • Engage with your fans.
  • Focus on your audience.

4.5. Talk About Current Events

On Bigo, you can have a lot of followers by taking current events and commenting on them.

People are always interested in hearing other people’s perspectives on current topics of interest, so this is a great way to gain followers.

Then, as previously stated, once you have the following, you can get Bigo tips that you can convert to cash.
When you finish reading the article from Life Gadgets Online, you will learn how to make money on Bigo. Bigo offers a variety of ways to earn money, so follow your passion and start livestreaming as soon as possible.

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