SoundCloud is a music sharing and online audio streaming platform founded in Sweden. If you want to learn how to make money on SoundCloudLife Gadgets Online is the right place for you.

1. Can You Make Money on SoundCloud?

The answer is yes. SoundCloud is better than ever after the release of the new and improved SoundCloud Premier in 2018.

Singers and musicians from all walks of life can participate in their monetization program and earn money on Soundcloud with their original tracks.

SoundCloud is well-known among independent musicians. The platform enables independent musicians to upload, stream, and monetize their original music.

Savvy users can connect distributors and online stores to their SoundCloud to make more money.

2. How to start selling your music on SoundCloud

In three easy steps, you can start making money off your music on SoundCloud:

  • Create your Sellfy store.
  • Add links to your SoundCloud profile.
  • Use other channels to promote your shop and boost sales.

2.1. Step 1: Create your Sellfy store

Sellfy is a great e-commerce platform for setting up an online store if you don’t already have one. Many artists use this site to link their online store to their SoundCloud profile and increase the amount of money they make from their music.

To create a Sellfy online store, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Create your own online store at You’ll be set up in minutes with just an email address and a password.
  • Step 2: Create a Sellfy store and add some products to sell. You can do this by going to the dashboard and selecting “Add New” and then “Digital Product.”
  • Step 3: After that, you can add music, an image, a description, and a price. When you’re finished, click the “Publish” button.
  • Step 4: Before you finish your Sellfy online store, double-check that it can accept credit card payments. To set up PayPal payments, go to the dashboard and click “Payment Options,” then enter the email address associated with your existing PayPal account.

2.2. Step 2: Add links to your SoundCloud profile

You have three options for adding links to your SoundCloud profile to drive traffic to your Sellfy shop:

  • Placing the link in your bio: People who want to learn more about you could be your biggest fans. As a result, the link in your bio may have the highest conversion rate.
  • A buy-link: The buy link is a button that appears next to tracks in your catalog. When listeners click it, they are directed to another website, such as Sellfy, where they can purchase the specific track.
  • Links in your track description: A common and effective way to drive traffic to a website is to include a link in your track description. It’s an ideal place to link from because if people like what they’ve just heard, you can direct them to your shop, where they can buy your work.

2.3. Step 3: Use other channels to promote your shop and boost sales

SoundCloud is an excellent way to promote your store and increase sales. SoundCloud listeners are more likely than listeners on other platforms to buy what the artist is selling.

Here are two more methods for promoting your store and the products you sell:

  • Increase traffic by using other social media platforms: Instagram or Youtube is a great place to promote your tracks.
  • Increase sales by utilizing Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools: Discounts, upselling, and email marketing are the required tools to maximize your sales.

3. How To Make Money On Soundcloud

Here are 6 ways to make money on Soundclound

3.1. Add a buy link and title to your playlist

People can buy your tracks and playlists on other platforms like Bandcamp and iTunes by adding a “Buy link” to them.

3.2. Promote on SoundCloud

You can use Promote on SoundCloud to target specific audiences based on locations, age, genres, etc. The self-service promotion tool will help you expose your music to new fans and increase play counts on a budget that works for you.

Promote on SoundCloud
Promote on SoundCloud

3.3. Tap into fan-powered royalties

Fan-powered royalties imply that the more people listen to your music on SoundCloud, the more money you make. Creators are paid based on the fans’ actual listening habits under fan-powered royalties. The more dedicated fans listen to your music, the more you are compensated.

3.4. Upgrade to Pro Unlimited

SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited subscription is a direct monetization program that gives you access to some powerful tools and features such as advanced audience insights, unlimited upload time, and complete control over your content.

3.5. Use ads on SoundCloud

SoundCloud’s audio ads allow artists to be paid every time listeners see or hear an ad, in an effort to help them get paid. If an embedded track contains an audio ad at the start, the track’s owner will become a part of SoundCloud’s revenue scheme.

3.6. Use Sellfy to sell your tracks

You can also sell your songs, albums, and samples on Sellfy, an e-commerce platform. Because of Sellfy’s intuitive interface and built-in marketing tools, you will have more chances to sell your tracks.

4. How do you qualify for monetization on SoundCloud?

To get started, you must be a SoundCloud Premier member to earn money from your music.

To qualify for SoundCloud Premier, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • An original creator.
  • A Pro Account SoundCloud member.
  • A copyright-free account holder.
  • An artist who has received at least 5,000 plays from SoundCloud monetized countries.

5. How to monetize a track on SoundCloud

After you’ve signed a SoundCloud Premier agreement, you can request that your tracks be monetized on the platform. Once your account has been approved, you can monetize multiple tracks on your SoundCloud account at the same time by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Select all of the tracks you want to monetize from your tracks page.
  • Step 2: Click the “Edit tracks” button and press “Monetisation.”
  • Step 3: Double-check your metadata, then click the “Enable Monetisation” button.
  • Step 4: If you click “Save,” you will be notified within 24 hours.
How to monetize a track on SoundCloud
How to monetize a track on SoundCloud

Through this article from Life Gadgets Online, you can answer the question of how to make money on SoundCloud. The platform has assisted independent artists and creators in monetizing their original music over time. It’s time for you to earn money on SoundCloud.

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